Here are a few letters from clients:

Our Trainer was very knowledgeable and highly focused on getting us the result we were 
looking for with our puppy….Tucson. 
I was initially concerned because I am scheduled to visit my 3 
little grand-daughters for Christmas…and Tucson was VERY WILD before his 
training series began…Needless to say our dog has come ALONG WAY in
 just a very short time…. I now feel confident that he will behave like
 a gentleman when he meets his family.
Tucson thanks you…I Thank you… SOOOO Much…you were GREAT!
-Kathi and Jeff of Springhill

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I just wanted to thank you for helping me understand what I needed to do differently.  Monroe now listens to me and I can't believe how easy it really was to change my actions....Erica - Citrus Springs
INTERCEPT dog training

"I have recommended Debbie to several of my friends who have young puppies and older dogs. I know I enjoyed my time with Debbie, and Ginger is a better puppy because of her. I just have to practice what Debbie taught us. I’m looking forward to future training sessions with Debbie." LB-Homossa,Fl  
"I really enjoy our training sessions, you are one in a million ........... I want to see you grow and succeed. I know with you failure is not an option, you will succeed no matter what path you take."   John and dog Reggie  from Ocala, Fl
Located between Dunnellon and 
Crystal River,  in the Mini Farms 
"Callie walks so much better now, she stays when I tell her, and she finally goes 'down' on command for me!  I am very happy with her"  Ileen-Citrus Springs. 
The Hess Family adopted and saved Charlie from a bad fate-
Now they are a team of graduates from Basic Obedience!  All 'students' were quick learners and Charlie is proof that there are great companions in any shelter that just need a chance!
(excerpt from a letter about a GSD that had fearful aggression problems)...that was the most I have seen someone pet him in such a manner.   He's been ok with a scratch on his neck or a stroke down the back, but this was ALL OUT LOVIN' lol cuddling and all :) it was so nice to see.  Seems like he is respecting boundaries so much more since I've been integrating the leadership in everything we do, such as the "waiting" at the door, putting his dish down and making him wait to go to it etc.  And of course it makes sense when it all comes toghther, he is no longer getting 'mixed' signals of who is in charge... Soooo yeah for us!!!! including you!!!. 
   I know I've said is before but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! for all you have done.  You were truely put on this earth to do exactly what you are doing! -Cindy Citrus Springs

Debbie provided just what we needed for our high energy, social Boston Terrier puppy.  He is progressing beautifully after Debbie's tutelage.  We are looking forward to the  next phase of his training.  
Sandy, Joseph, & Tug-Dunnellon
Deb is a good trainer and fun to work with, I loved working with Deb and she was good at explaining everything.  Although Debbie was only here for one training day, she worked with me and my dog to get the desired result.  Bev Longuil-Ocala
​Here is Gunner with his miniature family.  The deBeers came to me for help with their new dog from Big Dog Rescue.  Being the Weimaraner that he is, his energy and self control is a work in progress, but he did get his graduation certificate last week.  His new owners have done a wonderful job and are great students as well.
Ok, so Brody the rescue pup made the mark; he graduated with honors as the "most improved puppy" at Intercept Dog Training. (he just turned 1 year)  His owner Avis, did her homework daily-but: Do you think he knows something we don't know?
Dunnellon 12/2011
This is taken in part from an email that I got in the second week of a training session, just shows how dedication from owners and leadership tools can help out immensely-Louie pulled on the leash and the walk was just not enjoyable, and exhibited fear with other dogs. The picture is from our last day together with Louie showing much improvement in his walking and daily obedience:

 "Training with Louie is going well. ... It was great to see a professional in action though. You sure know your stuff! You really seem to enjoy it too. I also enjoyed seeing your friends,(Hershey,Candi&Uzie) they were so well behaved and cute! I guess we will see you on the 25th and we will certainly keep up the work with Louie. He does things that amaze me since you have been working with us. See you soon, take care.  
 Joel and Shannon with Louie- Ocala, Fl. 3/2/12
Thank you for all of your knowledge you shared with us. We really enjoyed working with you and learning how to manage our challenging monkey. Joel and I came a long way in understanding how Louie thinks and views himself as a member of the family (pack). The confidence that I once lost, even to walk Louie, I have now found. Thanks again for everything and it is nice to know you are there if we ALL need you. Thanks again Debbie!
Shannon & Joel Johnson 3/6/12

Here is a picture of Fred and his newly certified AKC's Canine Good Citizen and future therapy dog-Caesar.  I met Fred and Diana when they needed help with their new puppy and I am so proud of how far they have taken their little Caesar-to think he was found at a local Flea-Market and jumped right into the hearts of the family he has forever!
“....She showed us what we needed to know to correct the problem we 
 actually created! We appreciated her candor and highly recommend her
 to anyone.” –Richard and Julie Cowden
Yeah! Finally  we have Squeek and her mom Bonnie on the day of graduation!  It was a journey and learning experience for me as a trainer as well as her mom as a first time Terrier owner!!!!!  We all finally understood what it would take for Squeek to come when called!!  We can laugh about it now, but talk about trials and tribulations!  You go Bonnie!
       (no not you Squeek,Stay..!)
Hi Debbie,

 Scott and I would like to thank you for your wonderful work with Mulligan. As you know when we contacted you Mulligan had some issues with other dogs when we had him out for a walk. Since you have worked with him he has become much more calm when other dogs are nearby. He is also alot more obedient and calm at home. He has learned to obey our commands for the most part. Although he still needs a little work with some things such as when the doorbell rings but he is getting there. We will continue working with him as per your instructions and I,am sure he will only continue his progress. We will certainly refer your services to anyone who has a dog and needs help. In fact Scott is giving one of your business cards to a golfing buddy of his.  Sharon Reifinger

 I recommend Debbie as a dog trainer to anyone who wants to have a well rounded family member. Our puppy, Lexie was a very skittish little girl, who found this world to be very terrorizing. Debbie has help trained Lexie and us to give Lexie the confidence to approach this world in a curious and healthy way. She is a wonderful part of our family, thanks to Debbie. Debbie has the skills and knowledge to help anyone with a dog that has problems and she makes the training sessions enjoyable for both the dog and owners. We are expecting Annie, another puppy in a couple of weeks, and Debbie has given us suggestions to help ease the introduction of Annie to Lexie. Debbie is now an extension of our family, because we have confidence that if a problem comes up in the future,we know that she will guide us through the problem. Thank you Debbie. 
Bill and Cris Nowak-Hernando
 She has really been good. Thanks so much.

Elaine and Mike from Lecanto
Mario sitting in the shade with Jazz the Black Russian Terrier 'puppy' after a play break from Jazz's Canine Good Citizen training!
Here are Remmy
 and Sofie cooling 
off during a well earned break from Basic Obedience.
Abby was in a down stay and her BFF Bleu came over to practice too!  What a good girl!!!
Moose and Teddy taking a break from rolling around at daycare!
"Since you has started training our Bella we have seen a huge change in her from the first day. You have taught us how to train her with a firm and loving technique and have given me the support and guidance to be a responsible pet mommy. Bella is no longer the shy little girl with social issues and bad manners, puppy daycare and puppy how 2s that you provide have made a world of difference in our family. Thank you"   Liz/Citrus Springs

Hi Debbie. Was in Ocala & took Callie into Petsmart. She was as good as gold & it's all because of your training! Will never forget that! Hope you all are well. (Two years later)

Graduated students helping out with two girls close to graduating On Leash Basic Obedience!
"when do we get recess?"
You may certainly use this little person on your website.
Thank you for the pictures Debbie!! I am already seeing results . He is a smart but raucous little one...
From the river ! Jim d and Fred ;
Here is Fred the Chihuahua/Papillon mix.

"Anything I can do to help Charlie be the dog I know he can be I will do. You have been such a blessing to Charlie and I and I probably don't tell you enough but thank you for everything. I didn't have much hope for Charlie the last few years ( meaning being obedient and respecting me). You have taught me more than I could ever imagine. I have learned patience and tolerance not only with Charlie but now with Maggie Mae. I think what you do is amazing and I'm so glad I made that call to you."  (taken in part from an email by a current student-GC from Inverness.)
Hi Debbie! You did such a wonderful job training Milo. I can't believe that in just five weeks he's mastered basic commands and is so much better than he was when we first adopted him. Thank you so much for being so patient with us and Milo.
 - Bianca & Melinda
Bella and Chubbs with owners Britanee and Blake- 
April 2016
Jack loves school. He has learned to be a well mannered Pup. He is so tired when he comes home from all the energy that was released while at school. We have decided to bring Jack back twice a week for doggie day care with all his friends and Debbie of course. Thank you so much Debbie for being so loyal and loving to Jack . Karen and Eric
What fun and what a great bonding experience for me and my Maggie Rae. I had gone through a bad situation with my last rescue and really wanted a well-behaved dog that I could take places with me. So after many recommendations we got lucky and found Debbie. I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to it because I knew I would be the problem student. But, boy was I wrong ( no,I was the problem child) but it was so much fun and we got way more out of it than I ever dreamed. Maggie Rae and I can do everything we want together and plus have a good time doing it. On top of just the lessons, Debbie also taught me about my dogs body language and also the way she reads me. I have had dogs for over 40 years and she taught me things that I had no clue. I wish that I had done this years ago. Great experience, fun and on top of that a great new friend. 

As I am always attempting to improve my business, I would appreciate if you would to fill out a satisfaction survey. Click on Hershey's picture above.  Thank you in advance! Debbie Lumley CPDT-KA
Miss Debbie, I just wanted to brag for a second! 
We went shopping and didn't want to crate Izzy, so we put the trash up where she couldn't get it. And let her have run of the mill for three hours. I was expecting a huge mess..... nope! She was cuddled up with a blanket on the couch asleep. No accidents or messes! Woohoo!!! 
I told David that you were the best thing ever lol. Before we would've come home to a mini tornado lol!
...a text message from Morgan of Hernando 3-12-17
"Glad I could help! Glad to be of service for this remarkable young puppy!" (17weeks old) Deb
We also wanted to thank you for giving us such a strong base on which to build Zeke and Izzy's learning. We definitely enjoyed our sessions with you and learned a lot about the dogs and ourselves. We will recommend your training/methods to anyone who asks.
Thank you.

Bill & Holly

Jakku's owners did such a great job with Basic Obedience level 1, so impressed with all three of them and the progress Jakku has made overcoming his shyness!
"After completing Debbie Lumley's basic obedience dog training class, I understand why Debbie named her organization "INTERCEPT" dog training. From the minute our first class began, Debbie stepped in and intercepted the five month old train wreck we created, and turned it around and got everything back on track. What is amazing is her ability to make good things happen with the dog while training the owner. Read all the books, watch all the videos and when you're ready for success call Debbie. When it comes to your dog's long-term welfare it will be the best investment you'll make."
Sherry and Debbie have graduated Basic Level 1!
Lexie being walked in a calm manner by Norman!  and with all these distractions!!!!!
Thanks for the informative resources
Hello, I am sorry to bug you, but my name is Keri and I am a Science teacher. Your site is fantastic and I've been using your page as a resource material for my class. I have found another useful resource that I'm now also using I have read the article and found it to be exceptionally educational which is why I decided to write to you. If you can add it to your resource page, I think it would be helpful to others as well. Please let me know any comments you have. Sincerely, Keri
Thank you Debbie for helping us with Lexi. She is a handfull, a Dalmatian who has a mind of her own and very independent. We had doubts at first but wow!!!, you accomplished the almost impossible. She now listens and obeys her commands. She is calmer and getting better. But, most important to us is that we know what we have to do and what we expect form Lexi. Now she knows who the boss is (not herself) and that she has to pay attention and respect us. Now, WE are calmer and getting better. Thank you so much Debbie. We’ll see you in the fall so that Lexi can play with all of your dogs and be happy.
Joan Paley
Charlie is the black Brussels Griffon whose owners adopted
 him at 1.6 years old.  He came with some issues but the transformation in one month during his basic obedience and Richard and Donna's perseverance, Charlie gained confidence and trust! Great Job Guys!!!!!
Makes you and your dog feel comfortable during the training lessons, so you both have a more productive training session. Has a way of correcting mistakes without making you feel uneasy. D.H.