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  If you want help with a problem or are interested in a training program, please fill out this form and I will contact you. Or you may just call me personally and leave a message 352-422-1123 between the hours of operation 9-4,M/F.
             Debbie.           References available upon request.
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A new dog or puppy: If you should desire assistance with acquiring or adopting from a shelter, I will assist you to choose the right temperament for your specific needs to avoid problems and possible relinquishment. click here for more information.....

Basic Obedience Training ------------- skills learned on leash are: sit, down, wait, re-call, no pull leash walking, heel, auto-sit, and stays.  Sessions are scheduled weekly as weather permits.  You accompany your dog at my training arena, twice weekly for 4 weeks. The daycare dogs are there to interact with and have 'recess' while at school!  You are trained on each command along with your dog so the homework is done correctly.  Free phone consultations during your contract. Level 1:$350. 

Level ll involves drop off during the week and your participation during the training. Price will be discussed at consult.

Advanced Basic Obedience includes proofing of commands and off leash. Will discuss this during our consult.*

Refresher Basice Obedience-----  This is for the dog and owners who need to refresh Basic Obedience Skills. On leash : sit, down, re-call, heel, and stays.  Once a week for 5 weeks.  Free phone consultations during your contract. $225

  New Puppy How 2's  ----------How to prepare a safe home, toys, potty training basics, socialization requirements, leadership skills, feeding, handling and an introduction to some basic skills at your home:( sit, wait, recall, walk nicely on leash), problem solving (jumping or biting) during this important early learning period of your puppy's life.  Phone and email support are included. $225 over a period of once a week for four weeks in your home, fifth visit is included for an hour at my daycare.

CGC - Canine Good Citizen Test Preparation - The Canine Good Citizen class is designed to practice the 10 test items you and your dog must pass to get the AKC CGC certificate,(for details, see The pass/fail CGC test, given during the last day of class in a public setting, is the gateway to many therapy dog programs and is accepted by some landlords and insurance companies as an indication that the dog has social skills and that you and your dog work well together as a team. $125 : includes submission paperwork to AKC and a graduation patch.
Prerequisite: Dogs must pass a temperament evaluation and have level 1 Basic Obedience skills demonstrated.
Class session: 4 weeks with the 5th week of graduation day at public building.

I will also offer specific training for individual tasks or commands such as no leash pulling, recall, trick training, or 'leave it' for example.  Hourly rate of $40 will apply.  

Behavior Modification pertains to dog's behavior that needs intervention.  I offer advice on counter conditioning your dog's behavior and possibly modifying the households behaviors, but I do not claim to be a behaviorist.  If outside help is needed and out of my knowledge, I will refer to a certified Behaviorist near you.  Details to be discussed.  


* hourly consult fee before contract or training is assessed at $40

Please note that I do not certify or train service dogs.  I do however offer CGC and basic obedience.
 click this link for certified service dog schools in every state:

Deborah Lumley CPDT-KA
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Lynda recieves the honor grad certificate for Ginger's completion of Puppy Kindergarten.  At three months old our GoldenDoodle did very well for her first formal training- Both were very quick learners!
The two of the three arenas that I have to work the pups as they learn to be mannerly and obedient!
...Reggie the advanced student on 'Off Leash'
Located between Dunnellon and 
Crystal River,  in the Mini Farms 
​may I ask how you found me?
INTERCEPT dog training

Mario came to me needing Basic Obedience and has since graduated. 
PS:he has a never ending supply of ENERGY!
June 2012.
my associates Hershey and Candi earning their keep by helping to proof the stay with Gunner.
you may add more information if you wish:
Jack was found wondering the streets when Maurizio kindly took him in.  Just like any student, he needs refresher classes every once in awhile-has a face like an angel but there is a devilish side!
Party Time at Daycare!
Alley and her handlers finished Basic Obedience.  Will miss you Miss Alley, you sure know how to get attention with your hound dog song!!!!

Elaine and Annie proofing basic obedience at Rural King with many distractions.  Annie has come a long way from her sensitivity to unknown noises and 'things'!
Frankie the XXL as a youngster!
Frankie as a junior at 9 months. Good socialization! Great Owners!!! both intact!
Cooter Brown with his finest smile!!!
Well, it finally happened, Cooter completed phase 1 of obedience!!! yeah, Kathy!!!​
Amberly and Nike (6 months old) have graduated Basic Obedience level 1 which sets a great foundation for further training by Amberly and her family. But she is a start student!