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     I had always been amazed how dogs behave and learn to be our companions.  My first dog as a youth had many behavior issues and I knew I had to learn how to understand 'canine'.   I searched for many answers and learned to be the best possible owner I could be for my new dog.  After many trials and tribulations I was humbled that I had to learn more. Many years later, along came Hershey and he inspired me to pursue my career with dogs.  Over the past 15 years I have studied  behavior modification techniques by Dr Ian Dunbar PhD and Dr Bruce Fogle DVM, and certified dog behaviorist Sara Kalnajs.  I have logged over 500 hours as a student and apprentice under a Federally Certified Instructor in Tampa of Elite Canine Developmental Academy.  I have volunteered at Tampa's Animal Control and at a foster acreage in Valrico, Fl. under the name of Heidi's Legacy.  I have studied the training methods from Animal Behavior College, have recently been recruited as a Mentor and Instructor for future dog trainers. I adhere to the standards of teaching and code of conduct for animal trainers per The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers as a certified trainer, and  I am current as a certifying evaluator for the AKC's program 'Canine Good Citizen'.  I have been working with a rescue group in Citrus County: Dobie Ranch Rescue  

Please contact me with questions concerning any program. Please click here for the type of training classes I offer.  I commit to a follow-up visit to ensure there are no backslides with the behavior skills(no extra cost).  Contact or email me with any questions.  


                                                       Debbie Lumley CPDT-KA
                                                                   certified professional dog trainer-
                                                                  knowledged assessed 
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Desensatizing at down-stay
Deaf but understands sit-stay
INTERCEPT dog training


Trained in canine CPR and First Aid by certified Pet-Tech Instructor
Located between Dunnellon and 
Crystal River,  in the Mini Farms 
The new addition to the family Uzi making himself at home
We will always remember our Beloved Buddy; he was a good friend to all who met him!
     I was asked to demonstrate that the clicker for training new behaviors as it works well for any species.  The Alpaca pictured here was successfully conditioned to the sound and in about 10-15 minutes was side stepping the wooden beam.  Courtesy of the Florida Alpaca and Llama Association.
We wish you a safe journey over the Rainbow Bridge our Loyal Friend
Introducing Jaydie with the twinkle in her eye!  She is already an obedient member of the family!